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Countless patients, a lot of experience, 20 years of practice and a number of sports celebrities in his hands... that's Marek Poštulka, your physiotherapist.

Marek is a lover of sport and movement, also a former first league football player and football coach, a man who has not only experienced all kinds of mischief on himself (and as he says: "sometimes unfortunately") and which also forced him to deal with himself. And in the field of body care and its healthy and painless movement, he has already stayed.

We have combined Mark's experience and patience with the care and facilities of Luxury Care. That's why Luxury Physio is a unique place that doesn't compromise on body care and addresses every detail.

Private physiotherapy

We always have time for you and the therapy must be perfect. We say "it is not important how long the therapy lasts, it is the result that is important". That's why you won't see a crowd of people in our waiting room. We care for a maximum of three clients each day. It's all about quality, care and treatment. Together we will solve your body's pain.

Modern equipment

There is no substitute for the work of an experienced physiotherapist. However, we supplement proven techniques and procedures with technology that you would only find in the most advanced sports physiotherapy offices in the United States. Everything is stronger, better, more efficient, and more focused on results.

Our physiotherapist Marek Poštulka

Marek is a former football coach, striker and also a national player. After his playing career he started working as a physiotherapist at a private orthopaedic clinic. During his 20 years of practice, his former teammates Jankulovski, Galásek, Slončík, Kubina and others passed through his hands. As he says, he knows how to empathize with his patients because he knows what quality rehabilitation and physiotherapy entails and that at the end of it there must be a sense of relief and help.